UK Nationwide Coverage

We have a full time, directly employed On Track Division, together with our large database of Support Staff we can offer full UK nationwide coverage of contingent on-track labour and protection & warning staff for safety-critical manpower requirements covering all aspects of rail work.

The railway industry no longer simply requires recruitment agencies to supply a labour force, the rail industry requires qualified and experienced staff to assess and resource the needs of individual clients on a project to project basis.

We offer dedicated industry specialists to resource and supply experienced personnel that match clients’ bespoke requirements to ensure the client and their project receive the attention and ongoing support that optimise ‘best practice’ working.

To ensure that we can supply the best operative for the task, all staff are vetted for skills, expertise and experience at the initial application stage, followed up by tightly controlled training and competency management procedures to ensure staff are working with the latest methodology and safe working practices.

Through a vigorous induction process, we promote a positive Health and Safety culture ensuring all staff, other contractors and members of the public are not at risk from the dangers associated with the railway industry.

What we can deliver

  • Full UK nationwide coverage
  • Disciplines include Lookouts/Site wardens, Controller of Site Safety (COSS), Protection Controllers (PC), Engineering Supervisors (ES), Safe Work Leaders (SWL), Auxiliary operating Duties, Level Crossing Attendants, Points Operators and Hand signalmen AOD (LXA, PO, HS), Possession Support (PS), Person in Charge of Possession (PICOP) and protection staff for line blockages
  • Strategically located ‘home bases’ with staff with an average travel time of 1 hour to the site
  • Excellent training and mentoring of staff
  • Short notice requests
  • Efficient planning, inception and turnaround time
  • 24 hr on-call manager to manage any issues
  • Competitively priced

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