A safe and efficient workforce

Anyone who wishes to work within the rail industry and hold the PTS competence or above must undergo a competence specific medical examination before working "on or near the line".


  • Control the risk of individuals being placed in roles that they are not medically fit for, which can impact their own or their colleagues’ safety.
  • To reduce the risk of individuals’ health impacting on their work.
  • Ensure that individuals are medically fit (including having correct colour vision) to undertake a specific role.
  • Ensure that employers meet their duty of care, by ensuring that safety-critical workers are not subjected to increased risk of harm to themselves or colleagues due to any foreseeable medical condition.

Medical examinations are an integral part of a safe and efficient workforce. Medicals ensure that potential and existing rail workers are fit to work within a safety-critical environment.

A person shall not be permitted to work in a safety-critical environment or go on or near the railway line if they are suffering from any medical conditions or taking medical treatment likely to cause sudden loss of consciousness, impairment of awareness or concentration, sudden incapacity, visual impairment of a temporary or transient nature, hearing impairment, impairment of balance or coordination, or a significant limitation of mobility.

Tests covered

  • Vision
  • Diabetes
  • Colour Vision
  • Speech, Balance and Mobility
  • Hearing
  • Height and Weight
  • General Health
  • BMI
  • Blood Pressure
  • Protein and Glucose
  • Romberg’s Test
  • Confrontation test

Most medicals will have a validity period of 10 years. In some instances, usually due to age, medical restrictions or the medical level that is identified at the time of the examination, the medical certificate will be valid for a shorter period.

Currently we have centres located in Bridlington and Goole or we can offer Medicals at a suitable venue of your choice.

All confirmed results will be uploaded to the sentinel system within 24 hours.

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