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Work package planning and documentation for the railways often differs from existing practices. Contractors working under a railway client will need to complete documentation that is specific to the railway environment, including all the relevant client-provided information and be in the format required by the client.

This often involves an intensive approval process before works are allowed to proceed. It is not uncommon for work package plans to take 5-10 days for approval involving 4 or 5 revisions of the existing documentation. Work package plans also have a limited lifespan before requiring an official review.

Supporting the work package plan will involve task-specific briefings covering all the works that a contractor plans to do throughout the phase of the project. Initial task briefings are often reviewed and amended to suit the changes to the work environment and a key to working safely.

We can help you navigate these requirements and ensure all documentation meets the strictest of standards.

What we can deliver

  • WPP’s and TBS planned using approved Network Rail templates
  • Planners with extensive knowledge of a wide range of disciplines
  • Dedicated planner meaning that there’s only one point of contact
  • Planners with a combined experience of over 150 years
  • Excellent route and local knowledge
  • Short turnaround time and planning timescales – based on other industry suppliers
  • Detailed knowledge in hazard identification and risk assessing ensuring control measures are relevant, applicable and achievable
  • Planners holding the minimum of Level 3 Health and Safety with further training on risk assessing

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