This e-learning course is suitable for those learners taking a Level 1 food safety qualification in catering, manufacturing or retail. The course is also ideal for those staff members undergoing induction and awareness training.

Course Objectives

The 8 easy-to-manage training modules included in this course cover the key syllabus of Level 1 Food Safety qualifications. Each module has multiple-choice questions at the end to test learner knowledge. These modules include:

  • Introduction to food safety
  • Microbiological hazards
  • Food poisoning and its control
  • Contamination hazards and controls
  • Safe handling and storage of food
  • Personal hygiene
  • Food pests and pest control
  • Cleaning and disinfection

Course Outcome

Learners taking this course will gain basic knowledge of food safety law and covers basic hygene standards. This course is available online through our Learning Management System. On completion of the course, the system produces a personalised certificate.

This course includes a number of key features that will benefit the learner. These include the following:

  • Content suitable for regulated and non regulated Level 1 Food Safety qualifications
  • Interactive content and exercises based on real-life scenarios
  • Assessments included at the end of every module
  • Interactive video refresher session


Learners are expected to take approximately 3 hours to complete this course


£32.00 + VAT