This e-learning course should be taken by those learners looking to become a personal licence holder in Scotland. By becoming a personal licence holder, they will be able to legally make or authorise the sale of alcohol on licensed premises. Completion of this course will help them on their way to achieving this licence.

Course Objectives

This e-learning package covers all aspects of the Level 6 award syllabus and is divided into eight easy-to-manage modules. Each module has a total of 5 multiple-choice questions at the end to test learner knowledge. The modules include:

  • Scottish Licensing law
  • Personal licences
  • Premises licences
  • Licensing hours and extensions
  • Control of order and police powers
  • The protection of children and young people
  • Responsibility in alcohol retailing
  • Associated law

Course Outcome

Those taking this e-learning course will engage in training, which will count towards to the recommended 10 national learning hours they will be required to undertake before taking the Level 6 SCPLH qualification. Their knowledge will also be tested at the end of each module by a total of five multiple-choice questions across the eight modules, and they will have access to a comprehensive glossary of licensing terminology. This course is available online through our Learning Management System. On completion of the course, the system produces a personalised certificate.

This course includes a number of key features that will benefit the learner. These include the following:

  • Content suitable for regulated Level 6 SCPLH qualifications
  • Interactive content and exercises based on real-life scenarios
  • Assessments included at the end of every module
  • Interactive video refresher session


Learners are expected to take approximately 8 hours to complete this course


£41.00 + VAT